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Thanks for checking out the website. Ever since I was old enough to remember.... sports and people fascinated me. From radio to television to the Internet and beyond I have been involved in broadcasting sports. While I am busy covering games, events, and people I hope to have a place to present my thoughts directly to you. From time to time I will add to the site in the meantime I am on Twitter and working somewhere in the business that I truly enjoy.

I have interviewed some of the most successful and entertaining people from Ali to Tyson, from Nicklaus to Tiger, Peyton Manning to Joe Montana to Johnny Unitas'  from Jordan to Kobe to Wilt Chamberlain...from Derek Jeter to Reggie Jackson,  and been involved in broadcasts of every type of sports event from the Super Bowl, World Series, Kentucky Derby,Daytona 500, NBA Finals, college football & basketball championships, US open golf & tennis, etc.

While interviewing people I've always tried to treat the celebrity like the regular guy and the regular guy like a celebrity. That has served me well. Going forward my goal is to blend what is happening now with my experience of people, events and the games they play.

The Daily Briefing • Tuesday, April 22, 2014


A former race car driver has designed a new kind of football helmet.  Among other things, it is much lighter and should be less of a weapon than the current ones.  Kevin Seifert at

For decades, most NFL players have worn helmets that were developed before brain trauma was well-understood. The primary purpose of standard football headgear was not to prevent concussions -- deemed minor injuries at the time -- but to provide a protective barrier against skull fractures.

So it's not surprising that one of the most substantive innovations in this realm came from a man who experienced none of the preceding context. Bill Simpson spent most of his professional life around race cars, first as a driver and later as a safety advocate who famously popularized fire-resistant race suits. He didn't attend his first NFL game until 2010, when he was 70 years old, and was stunned to see an Indianapolis Colts player carted off with a head injury. Read More

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