Chris Myers Interviews

Chris Myers has interviewed most of sports' biggest stars. The list of compelling people that Myers has interviewed includes these notable figures: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Jack Nicholas, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemmons, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Billy Jean King, Danica Patrick, Phil Jackson, John Wooden, Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, and numerous others from the world of sports and entertainment.

Myers recent interviews:

Charlie Weiss, Notre Dame Head Coach - He told me his dream was not to play football, but to broadcast. He enjoyed Mel Allen and Marv Albert.

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers Superstar - He told me that he will be measured by championships, not scoring titles or MVP awards. On his recent change from jersey #8 to #24, Kobe said it's to signify a new chapter in his life.

Jose Canseco, former Major League Slugger - He told me there was no question in mind that Barry Bonds used steroids. But when I asked him about Roger Clemmons, he was not sure if he used steroids. He would only comment if he was assure of it.

Favorite celebrities interviewed:

Bill Murray--Deep thinker

Billy Crystal--Can talk golf or baseball with the best of them. Has a great throwback personality. It all began for him imitating a sportscaster (Howard Cosell) and a boxer (Muhammad Ali.)

Top 5 Sporting events covered:

  • Super Bowl
  • World Series
  • Final 4
  • The Masters
  • Daytona 500